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Jamie Kemmerer is a small business owner who has been involved in developing Web sites and Web strategies since 1995. Having co-founded and managed CleverSPIN, a branding and creative firm (from 2001-2007), he has an extensive understanding of brand and brand execution with mixed media. As part of his work at CleverSPIN, he co-developed the content management system GEEKPAK. Jamie has experience working at all levels of Web projects including strategy, project management, software development, database administration, content development and search engine optimization. His project experience includes Trizec Properties, UUNET, Lees Carpets, Sprint, Kaiser Family Foundation, BlueCross and Blue Shield, American Federation of Teachers, Reha- bilitation Institute of Chicago, Starbucks and Zorch International. Jamie earned his bachelors degree from Dickinson College and has a masters degree from American University.

I’ve always been interested in politics, and more importantly policy. I’ve been keeping an increasingly watchful eye on our government and the state of our nation since the “Contract On America” in 1994. Since then the political discourse has been on a steady decline. Our problems as a nation have only grown, while our ability to solve those problems only continues to weaken at the hands of partisanship for partisanship’s sake.

After the poor turnout during the 2010 midterm elections it became clear that keeping a watchful eye and talking to any of my friends and family who would listen was no longer enough. The false claim of a right wing mandate coupled with the legislative confirmation of our greatest fears at the state, local and federal levels have forced me to act. This blog and website is the first thing I can do to try to change the conversation from ideology to a discussion of data and fact. If we can’t agree on the facts, we’ll never be able to agree on the action we should take.

Since 2001, I’ve been a small business owner with experience in brand, web and technology integration. Having co-founded and managed CleverSPIN, a branding and creative firm (from 2001-2007), I’ve spent much of my career on brand and brand execution with mixed media. As part of my work at CleverSPIN, I co-developed the content management system GEEKPAK. I’ve been working on, managing and developing web projects since 1995.

I earned my bachelors degree from Dickinson College focusing on American Studies and Religion. I continued my education with a masters degree in Public Administration from American University.

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TPP Protesters Slam State Department for Ignoring Malaysia Human Rights Abuses

“[The TPP] will jeopardize millions of American jobs, it will jeopardize the health care of millions of Americans and millions of people all over the world, it will do detrimental things to our environment—just about everything you point to is horrible,” said Jamie Kemmerer, Regional Organizer for MoveOn Councils NYC. He continued, “Not only will our jobs disappear, but in losing millions of jobs we may also be losing millions of people by sending them into wage slavery and human trafficking.”

Activists protest human trafficking, TPP

NEW YORK -- Angry about Malaysia's recent upgrade by the United States from the lowest tier on its list of worst human trafficking centers, about 40 of human rights activists held a demonstration outside the Consulate General of Malaysia in New York City on Tuesday.

Thousands of Brooklyn apartments threatened by expiring rent laws

With rent-regulated apartments under threat from soon-to-be-expired rent laws, Mayor Bill de Blasio is calling for an end to vacancy decontrol, and for stronger rent laws to protect the tenants of tens of thousands of rent-controlled units, including over 900 in Southwest Brooklyn, from being pushed out.

The Golden Egg Is Not For You

How Money In Politics Drives Politicians To Do Strange Things In Far Away Places

If you haven’t heard or seen the coverage, State Senator Marty Golden is involved in another corruption scandal. In exchange for generous contributions to upstate GOP campaigns, Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden inserted some language into an affordable housing bill that gives millions of dollars in tax breaks to five Manhattan developers.

Testimony of Club Member Jamie Kemmerer submitted to NYC Districting Commission

Public Hearing 8/13/12, Re: District 43

As a member of the Bay Ridge community I’d like to briefly submit my thoughts on the council redistricting process. As a resident of Bay Ridge it is common to have our state and federal districts divided and split across multiple boroughs of the city. Often parts of our community are excluded while areas not generally considered to be part of our community are included.

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