Chicken Soup Is NOT A Healthcare Plan

...and neither is Trumpcare!

NY District 11 is planning a protest of our representative's support for AHCA, The American Healthcare Act, or TRUMPCARE. 

TRUMPCARE would leave 24 million Americans with little more healthcare than a can of chicken soup. It would drain the bank accounts of seniors and the currently ill. It would gut Medicaid, upon which many seniors in our community rely.

The constituents of District 11 deserve more. We plan to let Dan Donovan know this by delivering the message: CHICKEN SOUP IS NOT A HEALTHCARE PLAN. 

We are collecting money for cans of soup, which we will be delivering to Donovan's office to make this point. We hope to buy 1,000 cans of soup which will subesquently be donated to a District 11 food pantry.  

$1= 1 can of soup. Please help us buy as many as we can! Thank you.

Help spread the word!

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