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Bay Ridge Democrats Announce 2017 Endorsements

Bay Ridge Democrats held their endorsement meeting last night, Thursday, May 11th. Here are the winners.More Info
Hurricane Sandy: Staten Island

People’s Climate March: NYC

Join Us On Staten Island and Bear Witness to Climate Change

Climate change is a worldwide problem. Access to clean air, water and food affect each and every one of us regardless of race, class, gender, immigration status, sexual orientation or political affiliation. For the sake of all humankind, we must unite globally and act locally to confront the most urgent issue of the 21 Century.More Info
ACA Soup Trumpcare

Chicken Soup Is NOT A Healthcare Plan

...and neither is Trumpcare!

TRUMPCARE would leave 24 million Americans with little more healthcare than a can of chicken soup. It would drain the bank accounts of seniors and the currently ill. It would gut Medicaid, upon which many seniors in our community relyMore Info
Bay Ridge Loves All

Bay Ridge Loves All

Show Hate Has No Home In Our Neighborhood

We’re giving everyone the chance to show hate has no home in our community. Look for these posters in stores and homes across Bay Ridge.

Contact us and get yours today.
More Info

Who owns data collected by government? City pols clash, readers may vote below

Dems Beg Bay Ridge Republican: Drop Lawsuit To Keep Data Gathered on Undocumented

Paula Katinas
Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis is fighting City Hall and Democrats in Bay Ridge are fighting her. Leaders of the Bay Ridge Democrats club are urging their members to flood the Republican lawmaker’s office with phone calls to demand that she drop her lawsuit against the de Blasio Administration over IDNYC card holders.More Info

Statement on Hate Crime in Bay Ridge on 12/3

In response to the hate crime last night involving a local mom and her 16-year-old son, the Bay Ridge Democrats have released the following statementMore Info

Statement From Council Member Vincent J. Gentile On Hate Incident In Bay Ridge

While the current political climate seems to have given false permission to unveil racist and vile comments, be it known that this great City, the melting pot of the world, will not fall victim to this disgusting behavior.More Info

Not a Time for Sidelines

Vincent Gentile
Justin Brannan
President-elect Donald Trump ran a divisive campaign that was vulgar and openly hostile to immigrants, people of color, and non-Christians, among others. We questioned regularly if the president-elect could rise to the dignity embodied in the Office of the President. Furthermore, as of this writing, Hillary Clinton received 2 million more votes than Donald Trump. Which makes all of this even more difficult to unpack.More Info

Questons About the Electoral College?

Learn more about how it can be changed

Today Democracy Now ran an excellent segment worth checking out on this very issue.More Info

The Electoral College - Undemocratic Now; Undemocratic Always

An Open Letter to Bay Ridge Dems

Stephen A. Harrison
In 2000 Al Gore lost the presidency but won the popular vote by 540,000 votes. Why? The electoral college system. This year Hillary lost the presidency but is closing in on winning the popular vote by a quarter million votes. Why? Again because of the electoral college system.More Info
Ken Thompson Address Bay Ridge Democrats

Statement From The Bay Ridge Democrats On The Passing Of Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson

The Bay Ridge Democrats are in a daze since learning about the untimely passing of Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson. He was a dear friend of our club.More Info

Bay Ridge Democrats Announce 2016 Endorsements

Bay Ridge Democrats held their endorsement meeting Thursday, May 26th 2016. All candidates were invited to speak prior to the endorsement meeting. More Info

Liberal animation: Ridge’s left-wing growing more vocal

More than 60 Democrats packed Longbow Pub & Pantry to watch the Brooklyn Democratic presidential primary debate on April 14 — a far cry from the handful who turned out for the club’s early functions when it formed in 2011 — and club members say the turnout is a sign that area liberals are reclaiming the conservative stronghold.More Info

Bernie vs. Hillary - Watch the debate with us!

Longbow Pub

No pressure but for the first time in decades, the presidential nomination for both parties may rest on the unlikely state of New York. We hope you will join us at our favorite (and only!) local Welsh pub for our generation's political Thrilla in Manila.

This Thursday, April 14 @ 8:00 PM
Democratic debate watch party
Longbow Pub (7316 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209)
More Info
Joanne Seminara

Beep pushes ‘5@55’ campaign at Senior Day

Joanne Seminara
Joanne Seminara, Bay Ridge Dems Executive Committee member and District Leader’s new book “5@55” featured by Borough President Eric Adams at Senior Day.More Info
Justin Brannan

Star of Brooklyn: Justin Brannan

Justin Brannan
As founder of Bay Ridge Cares, president of the Bay Ridge Democrats, member of the Third Avenue Merchants, former member of Community Board 10, and former board member of BRAVO Volunteer Ambulance, Justin Brannan has done more than his fair share of giving back to the Bay Ridge community.More Info

TPP Protesters Slam State Department for Ignoring Malaysia Human Rights Abuses

James T. Kemmerer
“[The TPP] will jeopardize millions of American jobs, it will jeopardize the health care of millions of Americans and millions of people all over the world, it will do detrimental things to our environment—just about everything you point to is horrible,” said Jamie Kemmerer, Regional Organizer for MoveOn Councils NYC. He continued, “Not only will our jobs disappear, but in losing millions of jobs we may also be losing millions of people by sending them into wage slavery and human trafficking.”More Info

Activists protest human trafficking, TPP

James T. Kemmerer
NEW YORK -- Angry about Malaysia's recent upgrade by the United States from the lowest tier on its list of worst human trafficking centers, about 40 of human rights activists held a demonstration outside the Consulate General of Malaysia in New York City on Tuesday.More Info
Joanne Seminara


Bay Ridge law firm kicks off educational campaign

Joanne Seminara
A local law firm authors legal advice book and kick starts an educational campaign to raise awareness for legal documents it says people should have. Joanne Seminara and Judith Grimaldi wrote 5@55 because they found that many Americans don’t get the documents and end up in precarious legal situations when they die or are incapacitated.More Info

President Obama’s Eulogy at Charleston Shooting Funeral


We are proud of President Obama’s response and we have been deeply moved by his eulogy for the victims in Charleston.More Info

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