August Meeting = Phone Bank!

Thursday Night Phone Banks Are BACK!!!
As is tradition, the August meeting will be a phone bank for our endorsed candidates.

Hearing what a candidate promises to do for us if they are elected is always good for a few laughs. But if you really wanna know what to expect, look no further than what a candidate has already done!

That's why we endorsed JUSTIN BRANNAN for City Council.

This Thursday, we will be calling loyal Democrats and reminding them to VOTE for Justin in September.

We will be making calls THIS THURSDAY NIGHT, August 10 from 6:00PM-9:00 PM at 8115 3rd Avenue (Brannan HQ). There will be several phones provided but if you'd like to use your own phone, that always helps!

Can't make it by 6? Not a problem, come by at 7! Or 7:30!

Don't want to make calls? That's OK! You can knock on doors too!

You can RSPV on Facebook:
or by replying to this email!

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