Climate Change. Climate Denial: Brooklyn At The Center

We will hold the forum on March 3/13. See You then!

Join Us For A Forum On Climate Change
Date: Thursday, March 13th
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Bridgeview Diner – 9011 3rd Avenue


Climate change is happening. Scientists are more united and more certain than ever. Yet in Brooklyn there are climate change deniers who seek to debate the issue and delay action. Join us as we learn more about climate change and how it will affect Brooklyn and NYC as sea levels rise and weather patterns grow stronger and stranger.

Forum Speakers
Paul Reale – Climate Reality
Lyna Hinkel –
Eric Cesnik – NYC Climate Team

Speakers will talk about the basics of climate change (what it is, why it’s important), where we are today in addressing climate change, and how we can use political action to move forward.


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