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Two Weeks To Election Day

The Time To Fight For Hillary Is Now

At our last meeting we heard from the Hillary for America campaign about their Field Office in Downtown Brooklyn and here is how you can get involved.
Ken Thompson and BRD at 3rd Ave Festival
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Statement From The Bay Ridge Democrats On The Passing Of Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson

The Bay Ridge Democrats are in a daze since learning about the untimely passing of Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson. He was a dear friend of our club.
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The Golden Egg Is Not For You

How Money In Politics Drives Politicians To Do Strange Things In Far Away Places

If you haven’t heard or seen the coverage, State Senator Marty Golden is involved in another corruption scandal. In exchange for generous contributions to upstate GOP campaigns, Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden inserted some language into an affordable housing bill that gives millions of dollars ...
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Secret Treaties

Why I’m Against the TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is on the verge of becoming the largest trade agreement in history. The TPP masquerades as a "free-trade" agreement when in reality its designed to make it even easier for colossal corporations to ship American jobs overseas by dismantling organized labor, undercutting ...
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Op-Ed: Luxury Buildings Or Honest Government?

Andrew Gounardes Calls For Public Financing Of Elections

Last week, the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption released a report detailing an enraging, though not surprising, level of corruption in our state government. The Commission’s report identified so many illegal activities, and incredulous abuses of legal activities, they can’t all ...
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President Obama’s Eulogy at Charleston Shooting Funeral


We are proud of President Obama’s response and we have been deeply moved by his eulogy for the victims in Charleston.

Faces of Bay Ridge


Bay Ridge law firm kicks off educational campaign

A local law firm authors legal advice book and kick starts an educational campaign to raise awareness for legal documents it says people should have. Joanne Seminara and Judith Grimaldi wrote 5@55 because they found that many Americans don’t get the documents and end up in precarious legal situations when they die or are incapacitated. Read More

About Bay Ridge Democrats

We are a progressive political club dedicated to the future of our community. Our club was founded by taxpayers, working families, young professionals, students and seniors who care about the neighborhood and want to keep things moving forward.

Whether you are new or native to Bay Ridge, come join the conversation and get involved in local politics at the grassroots level.

We meet at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of every month in the back room of the Bridgeview Diner located at 9011 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209.

Take the R train to the 95th Street station. Our meetings are open to the public but only members in good standing have voting rights.